How do Custom Feeds work?

Trackur has an extensive database of web sites, but it could be that there's a particular blog or forum that is missing from our index. With our Premium or Ultimate plans, you can submit either an RSS feed or page URL and Trackur will add them to our monitoring.

RSS feeds:

We will check the RSS feed once a day and look for any new entries that match your saved search criteria. If we find a match, it will show in your dashboard with a "C" icon.

HTML page:

We check only the URL that you submit--we do not crawl the entire site. If we find any new content on that page, that matches your saved search, it will be added to your dashboard with a "C" icon.

You may also see "C" results from URLs that you did not upload. We often include matching results from Custom Feed items uploaded by other users. This anonymous method allows us to provide you with even more results.

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